Interview With Marcus Watts (the Watts Guy Fitness)

Speaking with a guy this morning an old friend of mine whose son is actually now playing for the number one baseball team for 11 and 12 year olds in the country and that’s.

Doing sports that are unilateral versus ice lateral so you want your kid doing like a sport like baseball they throw with their right hand they step forward with their left foot they shift their weight forward from their back hip and then they step forward with their right leg so when they do this over and over and over again you’re gonna develop an imbalance.

Like football players and again when I say football I’ll say an American football for this a football speaking about.

European football um they’re gonna be stronger on their plant lakes or right heats all right footed um a right footed player is gonna actually have more balance and development in their left leg all the way from their ankle up because that’s their plant foot and their right leg is selectively what slightly externally rotated it’s kind of slightly.

Rotated out so they can make contact on the inside of their foot so they’re gonna be able to create a lot more force with it from that.

Externally rotated position than their foot turned in so understanding that.

Like have your kid do judo or actually what you were saying was phenomena like those animal movements are some of the best because they’re compound movements and they’ll work almost every single joint so you’ll get their toes their ankles.

That means their hips their shoulders their elbows their wrists all they do their fingers will all get tons of work Yoga is another great one because even though kids will start out pretty flexible once they get to about eight or nine years old that can start to evaporate really quickly especially call this sitting in a video game so um I think.

Everything that you’re doing with your kid is is pretty good and anything in you to get them catching with both hands get them tracking a ball that’s another reason that.

Own you know soccer players.

Don’t have the best they’re not known for hands um if you put a soccer player in a position where they had to track up all down they they do it pretty pretty easily because they watch a ball go back and forth all the time it’s another reason that American football players are excuse me American basketball players will translate and be very good American football players.

Because they touch the ball a lot and they develop that skill.

So then most of what most football players if you.

Grow up playing football you don’t.

Really get to touch the ball a lot in or do you track a ball in here unless your butt receiver so in basketball.

You might never play on the court but you develop the skills of tracking a ball so I guess I’m getting down to is heavier child plays many sports as possible mimic like those animal movements and anything that’s going to keep them limber and find a coach that can kind of show your child how to squat or teach you how to squat so.

You can teach your child and don’t be afraid to have your kid.

Doing compound and lifting weights and living their own body weight for sure gymnastics might be if you were if if I were to combine two sports I would say I would have like I would go back and have my kid play or when I have it can I have my.

Kid be in gymnastics from a very young age and.

Then I have them play football because you’re gonna develop the speed you’re gonna bail out the change of direction they’re gonna learn to work with both feet but in gymnastics they’re going to develop.

Stability and in an incredible amount of strength great I like that really elaborated and why exactly the different things that makes it so easy for fathers to understand what the you know what the next steps could be for them in our case as I mentioned we try to do yoga every morning if possible for me the game is so vital to man that’s so smart that you’re doing it’s gotta be again I mean your kids there.

Are tensions things gonna be short you you want them to enjoy exercising that’s where.

I I speak to a lot of coaches and I’m sorry interview I speak so this isn’t about I speak about this to a lot of coaches and then see when.

You do sport they make you do pushups and they make you run as punishment and then so now there’s a connotation that doing those things when you don’t have to do them it’s not fun so you want to make exercising fun you know some of.

Them some of the most athletic kids that I see coming up now you know five six seven years ago they were inside the gym with their.

Parents when they are very small so they built a connotation with the gym being an excuse me an association with this is.

A fun place this is a place that all the cool people hang out you know in so they they’re gonna grow up with that type of association with health and fitness so you’re you’re just enabling your child in the right direction yeah that’s a perfect example of what.

I’m trying to achieve a step-by-step bumping my head a lot of times but it’s a lot of fun it’s also fun to do.

It together because you you know it’s good for our connection and our relationship it’s definitely chewing it and the outside is they also go to karate classes twice yeah another very good one yeah and and other than that they usually go to English but I changed that because we speak a lot of English at home already and my level of English usually better than about.

90% of the Spanish people so we change that they they go painting now so they go art classes to work on that creative side of of theirs and there doesn’t have one of that so and so I really appreciate that we’re getting close on time and there’s two questions I definitely want to talk about so I’m gonna try and keep it short but you mentioned before in regards to you know people need to eat nutrient-dense foods and to work on the cravings now I’ve noticed that that’s going a lot better.

And I can have some foods that are not so good for me but are nice for the kids and they like to eat it without me eating it before they come out however if we go visit my mother-in-law at which we do often lately just because the sad fact that she asked cancer and we have no idea how long she’s going to you know how long we have the pleasure of enjoying our presence right one of Peters much as possible promise.

That there she’s trying to be as good for kids as possible and freaking Fritz is just stocked with chocolate drinks and chocolates and I love Chuck Spence I don’t think there’s many people that don’t like chocolate and how do you deal with the fact that you have a fridge that so full of all that stuff that’s so bad for you but at the same time just draws your attention and just brings up that craving how do you mean do you have like a mental trick or something that could.

Help well in this case me but I’m assuming a lot of people to say look.

There and I know my first case that’s what I did at home I took everything ways it’s easier what if it’s.

Not how what thing what kind of deep some tricks do you have that I can.

Deal with that yeah so so first it’s like you talked about just get rid of the just get rid of the option you know the possibility that it even becomes an option we in one of the and all my programs have like a checklist which is like you know preparing the fridge kind of cleansing your cabinets things like that but outside of that say you’re somewhere that.

I mean like you can’t control it I think the first part is understanding that the fact that you’re craving these things are you want them is probably because you’re not hydrated you lack micronutrients again essential vitamins and minerals or you know something else is coming into play it could be stress it could be not getting it there are things that you’re playing to it or.

Understand it that’s your body’s way of speaking to you and telling you hey we want this because we need it to function right now and again that’s where we want to replace it.

With the micronutrients the other part of that is on maybe if you’re gonna you know that you’re gonna go over there right and you know that you’re gonna go there Thursday maybe you’re gonna save some calories by not eating as.

Much you know earlier that morning and getting an extra workout in so that way you know hey I’m gonna work out in a save some calories so if I do want to go there and have these.

Things you know what I can have a few and I’m gonna reward myself I used to follow a principle from Hulk Hogan and that was he said that he would go he would uh go to wherever you came on the.

Key West he would always go to Key West and he would he got off the road he would have this massive like huge ice cream sundae and but he would eat clean the whole time he would do everything that.

He was supposed to from weeks and weeks and months at a time because and that was the reward.

That he was looking forward to so I’ll tell I would tell people hey give yourself you know three meals.

In a week okay that you can enjoy yourself and make it you know you can have an entree dessert an appetizer a snack or a drink but you can’t have anyone twice you know and save those maybe you save them for all for Friday and Saturday or a whole Friday or maybe you haven’t dropped the week and it’s the easy way to like feel like you’re not restricting us because I.

Like to tell me what to just eat just you know just just make better decisions when you do it so great thanks for that I want to try and work on that we actually leaving tomorrow again you had to see you for a couple of days so thanks man I’ll let you know next.

Week I went and I’ll keep you in mind I keep us on that a secret accountability partner anyway last question man you just mentioned something that draw my attention as well you were talking back you got the killer dad program and I was just wondering man because as I mentioned before if you go.

Find some workouts there there’s always very generalized however I feel as a father my goals and.

Objectives with working out have changed you know yeah I like to have the six-pack but that’s not the most important thing my most important thing is that I’m strong so.

I can lift up my kids rock in a scenario I can pull them out from a dangerous situation and also that I have the energy all day long right to to I’m awake energized to get them ready and give them that energy so they are all excited when they go to school and.

Hopefully you know that comes a ripple effect and then when I picked them up of course you know do have the energy during the day to work.

And then have the energy when I pick them up and can play with them I.

Like to be really active with them and I think everybody should because it’s that’s.

My personality and I hope everybody it’s tons of fun I go nuts I’m the biggest monkey in the monkey bar that’s just me I like to enjoy that I think everybody should.

And be a at least able to do that and then of course later on when they go to bed they’re still the wife of course that means all the attention and hopefully that means in some more.

Activity at night and so you want to have energy.

For that as well instead of being shot there so can you please share a little bit what’s your system in regards to kill at that bar program and how does it work.

And maybe even share with us where we can find you our people can apply etc yeah yeah no um it’s actually a great question to finish up on the I’ll touch on 1d you made a good point and this is why.

I have this program for the guys the net which is my brother he does not programs um he’s my brother actually pays to support my business he does my programs it’s something I really appreciate but um.

You know my brother kind of struggled to put on muscle mass he’s about swung I turned 35 so he’s 32 mm and you know he.

Struggled for a long time to put on muscle mass and he never was a big squatter he you.

Know he never was he was always a super slender skinny guy good-looking kid always in I would always tell him look.

You gotta eat this way you gotta train this way he kind of would some way do it and fun things like okay man I’m gonna listen to you he didn’t he put on about 15 pounds.

For the first time in his life he’s over 230.

Pounds the biggest thing is my brother came back from some very serious injuries no he took a horrible fall he was actually at his gym working out he fractured his tibia you know I was like a steel.

In his leg and he hit his head it was severely concussed and so he was coming back from that he also had a back surgery at a very young age you know.