Interview With Marcus Watts (the Watts Guy Fitness)

General it’s just you just got to deal with it move on I’d like to skip for a second to something different because you mentioned that you’ve also trains kids and that just brought me back that at the beginning of this school year or since the beginning of this Kalia re trying to start implementing somewhat of a morning routine with my oldest.

He’s five years old now and so we’ve been trying some therapist and she mentioned before that’s very good we’ve doing some you know online they’ve got all these different kind of kids exercises animal movements etc etc lotsa fun for a little bit and then he’s part.

Of it but the thing we at the moment like the most is yoga for kids.

And the reason for that the day that gives exercises like 10-15 minutes she makes a whole story.

That’s what he likes he’s young but what I’m just wondering at the moment is like you know in European what’s what’s the best way to build up a workout habit for.

A kid what’s the right age to start with and I think.

And you already mentioned that and I think this applies to this as well that it’s important to stay flexible.

And not worry if you skip a day or two but you just keep convened a building is correct know correct um you know so they’re there couple first I think one of the most widely um misunderstood aspects of fitness with children and a lot of people think that you shouldn’t.

Have your child lift weights until certain age because it’ll stunt their growth which is like completely untrue and I’ll give you a couple reasons why mmm in American football for.

Example or rugby less use rugby because you’re in you’re in Europe so in rugby people would allow.

Their kids to play rugby yet but five years old six years old right maybe even younger all right they’re learning the fundamentals of rugby so in rugby and American football when two things are colliding into each other the forces can be up to.

Ten times their body weight right so you’re telling me.

That it’s not okay to teach a kid to move a barbell properly or to move a dumbbell properly or.

To do calisthenics but it is okay to have him run into another human being and create.

Forces up to ten times their body weight on their joints without knowing how to properly move their hips knees ankles and distribute body you know force you know amongst their body so.

That’s that’s the first point you know when you go and you if you go look online at the world weightlifting championships there’s kids you know five seven thirteen I mean these kids are strong and the one thing I’ll tell you is from training kids when I was on when I first heard of trained you do.

Not want a kid that has been lifting weights and knows how to open their hips and close their hips properly and knows how to press something overhead you do not want one of those kids putting their hands on your child in a sport where it’s allowed in judo or wrestling.

Or even in football you know where bodies are colliding and especially a sport like rugby because one of those kids understands how to create force and the other one doesn’t and it’s only done through repetition the other thing is I was just.