Interview With Marcus Watts (the Watts Guy Fitness)

Of their body you know that’s a 1080 all-inclusive program so it’s you know it really just depends what you’re looking for but where’s the sustainability then yes a long term is there is the key of the game a hundred percent I mean everybody wants to see results right now and I’ll have people that’ll be my programs that I lose you know twelve.

Seventeen pounds and you know in three or four weeks but they’re not gonna sustain those results you know now the wings are gonna be much smaller you know they’re gonna lose you know a pound a week and then it’s gonna drop to a half a pound a week and now it’s can you mentally sustain the work that it takes to keep getting.

These smaller wings but long-term you know I mean you’ll just be you’ll just.

Be killing it exactly you mentioned mentally right is that something that you work on as well so because what you notice if you go into the gym you get your program and you just like go ahead and have fun and you know maybe they talked a little bit about what your goal but of.

Course as you mentioned also it’s all short-term so I’m just wondering then is the mental aspect which is what I’ve.

Noticed I mean II collected a lot to say nicely what’s your aspect.

Of that and how do you incorporate that in that you’re in the trainings yeah you know I think it’s probably the most important because before.

You get to the gym you have to get up and get in your car you know and before you do that you have to sit in along the night before or excuse me you have to actually choose to not ignore your line you and before you do that you have to set an alarm the night before and before you do that you have.

You make enough time and get yourself in bed so you can actually get up and go to.

Seoul so I 100% like what you’re saying that I’ll really stress in my programs number one not stressing yourself so if you don’t go to the gym that day or you didn’t eat the way.

That you’re supposed to so what like you still have another day to learn from what you what you didn’t get to accomplish and you know work on it the next day and compound on it.

The next day and the next day and one of my clients she’s actually.

The second of our program she graduates.

She finished one program and now she’s worked til more in her circle program and before that she was a client and I got my gyms and she messaged me to say the day she.

Etta a rough week last week and she’s like she didn’t get to the gym twice she fell off of her nutrition for a couple.

Something that she had seen me say before really helped her and that was to just not stress it you know like it happened and just deal with the SAS test and happen take it head-on maybe try to figure out why and then move on from it what can you do different the next time and she’s like hey you know this week I’m just gonna start the program from last week over again and I’m just gonna go from there and I’m like I was really happy for.

It because one of the worst things that you can do besides I don’t eat like an asshole one of the worst things you can do is is a bully yourself and beat yourself up over the fact that maybe you didn’t perform to a standard that you.

Had set for yourselves absolutely yeah that’s I really appreciate you mentioning that and I think you can extend that not just to fitness.

And nutrition but just in life in general stop beating yourself up be flexible with yourself and just pick up where you left off or you can make a step back to go forward again after.

A huge message for for everybody and I always have to keep reminding myself for that as well.

Because if not you’re gonna just continue to fall down I used to be getting in the habit of getting upset and then getting upset because I was getting upset and I’m going you see where that goes no no we’re good say that if being upset about it and crying about it and worrying and stressing about it would actually like fix the problem then like cry away like stress away you know what I mean but since it’s.

Know it’s really no use wasting time on it on an example I can use of the kind of a plow for what you were saying he’s when I.

I played sports when I was young especially playing quarterback you know if you make a big mistake everybody sees.

You do it and you know you want people to know that you didn’t want that to happen you want people to know that you care so you’ll kind of.

Show emotions you know you can drop your head or things like that but really that’s an outward projection later on when I book when I develop the confidence I would never waver when I made mistakes in any sport because I.

Was like okay well I’ve just got to do different next time you know and gotta move on to the next play and it’s it’s the same thing it’s just the playbook of life.

You know I’m saying you gotta deal with it take.

It head-on there’s a really good book um Tuesdays with Maurey um that I would really suggest I’m in the.

Book there’s a there’s a really good scene the books about um Mitch Albom.

Who’s now a writer um he’s a big and ESPN I’m not sure where he’s at now but he started with the Detroit Free Press I believe and one of his professors from college was named professor morning he was like the man’s man everybody loved him and years.

Mitch Albom would go back and visit him and he kind of chronicled that he ended up with out Lou Gehrig’s disease which is a you know a very crippling disease and he was.

Kind of a shell of himself and Mitch Albom asked him one day he said uh you know how do you how do you deal with all this you know you can’t go to the bathroom by yourself you can’t eat by yourself you know you were this.

Guy that was you know like a guy’s guy that everyone wanted to be and you know I’m not trying to make you feel any worse but I’m just wondering like how are.

You doing and then professor Moore he said that uh you know I wake up.

Every day and I cried and I cried so I can’t cry anymore and then I move on and I think that’s something that a lot of people can kind of use to test them out when you know in both you know the side with you know with your with what you know the area that you deal with and with fitness in.