Interview With Marcus Watts (the Watts Guy Fitness)

I played college and I was just an I played professional and how was it stand out there.

But can I have worked with 91 year old clients who could barely walk and I’ve worked with seven year old kids who are still very you know impressionable and developing their body and then I’ve worked with you know everyone in between forties fifties sixties.

Men’s women you know so understanding the background of the person that you’re dealing with because if all they’ve done is work with higher-end athletes then that’s the probably what.

Their training is gonna be next thing is you know once you start once you ask them their philosophy start asking why and ask why at.

Least three times well why well because you know that’s how you get the muscle to respond but why well because you know why why why and like I would always tell my my members at.

My gym I would you know I would say hey don’t be afraid to ask questions because as a coach I should have an answer for you a program should always have a couple things the ability to scale someone up as well as the ability to scale someone down so if it’s not enough for you I can ramp.

It up I can find ways to get you more volume without breaking if it’s too much it’s easily scalable know not where someone says well this is the way that it’s done and that’s you can’t do that what.

About people that can’t actually like I love.

To program squatting in my programs squatting burns more calories per rep than any movement you’re gonna work more muscles it’s a fantastic movement now some people physically cannot squat because they’ve been in car accidents or they’ve had certain injuries.

So you need to find other ways to activate their hand things are glutes to hips you know what I mean they’re quads so a coach should be able to scale.

Up and scale you down and then they should.

Be able to fully explain the long term philosophy of their program I like to think of myself.

As a more of a sustainable fitness coach because listen I can make you go hard for about four eight weeks or sixteen or twenty weeks either but whatever what’s gonna have to what’s gonna happen after that you know how are you gonna sustain these results that you got which is where you know someone will do keto and then you know oh they get these results yeah it’s because you shocked.

Your body now can you maintain that you know and I think that also with anything you know being a fearless father I mean.

You can start out you know taking taking the kids to all their practices and going all their games and.

And buying the you know roses for your wife every week and things like that but can you sustain them well.

What can you do long-term you know it’s not a short game so that’s kind of what I like to preach and you know that’s why I have programs for everybody you know I have my you know killer dad bod program you know I have my burn zone program which is you know strictly for people who just are looking for extreme fat loss that killer dadbod program.

Is domain just for the guys you know I have my 10-week vegan program which is you know made just for people who want to learn and see results out.