Interview With Marcus Watts (the Watts Guy Fitness)

Little later you know um other times I might just work late so I just need to sleep because I’m not gonna get up and I can only functional and you know two four hours of sleep for a couple days so right now I’ll wake up all check my chest my emails all actually before I do my emails I’ll try to send the emails and do things that.

Are important to me things that I.

Need I’ll write down a list of what I want to accomplish that day after some meditation and I will then get into handling my test you know the one funnel away program right now is that main task and then I’ll get into handling things that other.

People need you know and see what my assistants left for.

Me overnight my assistants are based in the Philippines so you.

They’re 12 hours ahead and from there all I know me I love to get up and have a big glass of water or water with some.

Lemon or lime juice and coffee so I’m a big coffee drinker I love tea as well you know there’s a lot of studies where people kind of compare that see listen.

I don’t really care I love coffee I love the taste of it I love good coffee you know I grew up in Europe so I’ve been exposed to some really good ones yes press so in a pair and not pair by but of Portugal’s amazing so I can only imagine in Spain I’ve only been in Spain a couple times I one said these are when.

I was like 16 and with my family we were on the coast when I was like 14 mmm nice but yes so I know that’s that’s really it for me you know.

It changes the biggest thing is I trying to take care of myself first in the morning you know do for yourself you know try not to get up and immediately get on your phone and check emails and take in all of this stuff that everyone.

Needs you know from you it can be a little bit overwhelming um the meditation is is huge and if you.

Don’t meditate I keep I would just say start and the app that I suggest it’s not meditation one thing I learned is that all these people who are living the lives that I want to.

Live speak about meditation being a turning point in their lives so headspace is a great one it’s actually guided meditation so like if you’re like man I.

Can’t sit for 10 minutes these sessions are only like 10 minutes.

And they guide you through the thought process of what happens when you’re coming losing yourself in thought how to bring yourself back in and things like that but like I said you know it’ll vary a little bit in you know I’m sorry if I.

Get a little bit long-winded but.

I’m just so passionate about sharing like the benefits of taking care of yourself and then again with the routines we’re saying well what’s my morning routine well it fluctuates you know I mean and don’t be afraid to don’t think it’s a bad thing when you know that routine is kind of changing you know it’s it might morph as your life calls for – exactly yeah I I really appreciate that you’re you really fun.

Meditation we haven’t spoken about that at all during the interviews that we had so far but I completely share your your opinion about that meditation has.

Changed the game from God’s to my lack of patience and and yeah just your whole mindset I must say I’ve never tried a headspace I’ve never called me I first started on my own now I do I do a.

20 minutes plus guided meditation for MindValley which is absolutely mind-blowing I recommend that everybody just because it could.

Send everything in regards to compassion and gratitude and vision and plan your day etc it’s a complete meditation however if you start then yeah it’s better to start with one minute instead of trying 20 minutes because you know nuts but that’s beside talking about nuts and talking about what you mentioned before like it’s so important to to to get a good coach right in in certain areas of your live especially your health it’s so bored and what drives me crazy is that it’s so difficult to find the.

Right coach when we’re talking about health and fitness and the reason for that is what I’ve seen so far and I’d love to get your opinion is that there’s like you know different camps right across from each other in regards to what’s good and what’s not you mentioned coffee for example you got I can’t come up with his name is quick but you got the bulletproof coffee.

At the moment I do not drink coffee but then he has deform as well that’s think then he puts in for example cocoa coconut oil.

People are absolutely for absolutely against in slide as a person like me that’s I haven’t studied it I don’t have the time to study it but then you have those two different camps you like what which one is.

The right one then for me what do I do which then for me and I guess for a lot of people out there it will happen that you’re just like okay I can’t decide forget it I’m not gonna make a decision I’m just gonna let it go.

And I just got that continue doing what I do because at least that makes me feel happy and I don’t have to stress out so my question to you is.

Okay so you know where should somebody start then and how can somebody make that decision without getting overwhelmed I can express that man I first me not I think that you’re asking a lot of really good questions and I’m glad that we’re having these these this type of conversation because what you’re basically you know talking about is it’s the everyday person who doesn’t have a ton of knowledge door.

Or even people who think that they have it on the knowledge and they know what to look for that actually don’t and the biggest thing I can say is.

It kind of goes back to you know.

When you’re talking about problem solving and teen oh yeah.

They say that you know if you want to know the answer or something then ask why you know three times or seven times some people say seven times so when you’re looking for a coach first let’s let’s let’s say that you know um when you’re speaking to a code say let’s say someone’s already reached out to someone okay you know ask them about what their philosophy is you know ask about their background because to be honest.

With you someone else’s background plays can cage drastically into how they coach other people you know but not to you know talk myself up but you know I I played high school sports and I was a standout and.