Interview With Marcus Watts (the Watts Guy Fitness)

Extremely overweight and unhealthy and then I get other people who have been like former clients of mine or they’ve been in you know members of my gym or done my programs before and you know compete in bodybuilding shows and you know play sports and you know tough to compare to other people they would look like they’re in really good.

Shape but they both of those.

Groups both of those types of clients among who all say the same.

Things that they didn’t realize either how much water they weren’t drinking or for the most part.

How much the excuse me the lack of vegetables and nutrient-dense foods that are in their diet so you can have a you know two bowls full of vegetables and that would equal out so like one small piece of candy as far as caloric content so they learned about hey what are good calories for me to take in and they learned about you know.

Eating nutrient dense foods that’s one of the first things I say you know if you have cravings or something like that nutrient dense foods so having foods that have high vitamin and mineral content are gonna help you to cut those cravings and then also start to teach your body to feed on.

Stored calories which is fat and that’s probably the biggest thing then is getting people to understand that you know the reason that your body is holding on to this fat is because.

It’s protecting itself for the time and when it’s when it’s needed you know famine you know droughts know there’s there’s we don’t experience it as much.

Now but there used to be times when people would wouldn’t just be able to eat it you know go to the story Congrats that they had to go hunting.

The hunt wasn’t bountiful and then they wouldn’t he so people understanding hey well it’s going he’s storing his fat because of my caloric intake and if I make some just make some better choices eating more nutrient-dense foods then.

I can start to shed fat and then okay so I just work out for you know 10 or 15 minutes a day you know 20 seconds of work ten seconds arrests or one.

Minute of work and thirty seconds of rest I do that for like 15 or 10 minutes and oh man now I’m starting to see a change in my body mm-hmm and just so everybody understands at.

What percentage fat percentage are you starting to see muscle definition okay so you know it can kind of vary they’re good people are gonna say that there’s an exact percentage but since your body will carry fat in different places for instance the midsection is obviously the last place that you’re gonna start to lose fat you can’t tell your body to get rid of fat for instance under and beyond all right it’s it’s gonna.

Shed the fat as it as it sees fit so it’s that people will normally say that it’s around you know ten.

Or twelve percent body fat that you’ll start to see like in the arms or English Flynn since my chest.

Is where I’ll start to see it first like my shoulders in my chest I’ll start.

To notice that I’m starting to get a little bit more Vasko.

That’s kind of when I know that my body fat is starting.

To shed and then for me it goes to the biceps you start to see a you know the vein in your biceps and then now I’m starting to see.

Them because I’m you know me I go back and forth so like you know I lost about 15 when I got injured at Dean about 25 pounds all in all I dropped I’ve dropped down down to about 221 pounds but I’ve gone tellings in between rock drop 15 game 15 drop 12 game 20 and it’s because testing so many systems sold that’s kind of how I can explain this to you but for instance I start to.

Notice that I’m really getting lean when I start to get veins and my lower abdominal so that means I’m probably starting to drop you know I’m either at or just below about 10% body fat so nice.

I appreciate that explanation yeah because I try to look up you know how do you know at what percentage body fat you’re at and then you had to go to like the special machines they’ll kind of like I have a scale and it reads like body fat and stuff like you can’t trust that it’s not exactly those machines that.

With your hand or scales that you.

Get on those things are not exact and you really want to get a real reading it’s what’s called a DEXA.

Bit expensive but it’s the best one it’s gonna give you a full reading of what your body is weighs in water what you weigh in bone mass and what you weigh in muscle mass in fat mass and give you that full breakdown but in general you know I’ll tell people just take pictures of yourself and you’ll be able to clearly you know see a is what I’m doing working or or you know you know is it.

Not and no of course and I’m not saying this for me if it’s not me go find somebody else guys but go get a coach you know I pay for coaches.

Every single month to train me and coach.

Just because I’m always learning and I’m looking for that accountability get a coach and get somebody that can at least you know for four.

Weeks you know 16 weeks just show you the roadmap and then you can take it on your.

Own I hear ya absolutely agree coaching mentors that’s that’s the best we gotta hop into the next question after this because I have a question about that like how do you go about you know finding a coach or etc.

But we’ll step into that just what I want to talk to you real quick about is that you know in regards to working out and everything I’ve.

Understood and that the best thing to do is add this.

Know do this as early in the morning as possible so I’ve implemented this in regards to my morning you know for me my morning routine that absolutely changed everything like like the way I approach it is okay I.

Used to work wake up breathing date and then some had to brush you know I brush everything and get the kids.

Up get the kids ready and just it was just the worst experience ever to start your day off like that and that would actually be like a low point but it will only get lower from that because you’ll be frustrated and stressed out get really patients no you see what is going on so what I started doing with my morning routine is like.

Okay which obstacles gonna have and I implement everything in my routine now one of the obstacles that I was having was like I do not have the energy to make it throughout the day so by the time that I had to pick up my kids I was just beat I couldn’t do it I couldn’t do the things that I.

Wanted to do with them and I started implementing that and that was what you know was so important for me as a father so could you share with us how your morning routine looks like yes so the one thing I’ll say about about the morning routine is it can vary so I kind of go through periods where my routine is one.

Way and then I’ll go through periods where it kind of changes versus right now the main party for me in the mornings is the one funnel way you know program that you and I are in mm-hm there was a time.

Where because of my schedule my training had to be in the middle of the day and then when that wasn’t the cause you know there was a time where I could only be in the evening and then there was a.

Time where I tried to only make it in the morning so I kind of use that to preface you know getting out my routine now because there are a couple things that you said number one when you can when you can get your workout in the morning when you can wake up have some coffee.

Go work out preferably on an empty stomach fasted that’s one of the number one it’s one of it does a couple things the reason you felt so good when you were doing that when you worked at work when you found a.

Way to get your workout into your morning routine is one of the first things you did is you increase the blood flow in your body which means your brains getting healthy fresh blood flow in your hearts you’re like everything’s.

Getting is healthy fresh blood flow as well as there’s an amount of endorphins that come from you on getting that workout in right again we’re talking all this increased blood flow throughout the organism also you feel a sense of success it’s like a win for you so because of.

That it’s it’s you get a little bit of a little bit of almost like a high you know it’s in that’s even more endorphins they’re coming to you because now you feel good about yourself you did something that you feel good.

That you did it he feels good about the fact that you put in effort and you had this kind of win you know what I mean so that’s kind of the one thing for people to kind of take into account.

Know there are a lot of studies that really show that getting work out first thing in the morning is gonna be huge for you now getting back to what you said and I apologize for depressing but.

My routine right now is Oh wake up all honestly try to wake up as early as I can but this is gonna depend on what time I went to bed you know and some people don’t have the luxury but again this is why you and I are doing what we’re doing.

I can I wake up when I want I go to bed one on one there’s nights that I pull all-nighters literally the second week the first week and.

The second week of our of the one front weight challenge that were in I pulled an all-nighter once a week both of those nights so I didn’t go to bed until but I wasn’t ready to go to sleep until around 4:30 morning so I just went it worked out so because of that that type of stuff I’m gonna sleep I’m gonna come back after I work out and sleep a.