Interview With Marcus Watts (the Watts Guy Fitness)

I started putting all these routines in shape long story short you know I got back my energy I got back to my my my weight that I want to be at my weight that I was at when I was in college there we were after.

Six months of working out and.

Doing lots of exercises I still cannot seem to figure out how to get my six-pack back so I was just wondering you know what’s up with that I’m 40 years old is it my age is it my or is it the exercise that I’m doing I’m just wondering what’s your philosophy on that how can I get that back is it something that a lot of people are struggling with yeah I’m looking forward to your professional expertise yeah you know it’s.

It’s a few things it’s a few things to kind of touch on and I guess I’ll start first by saying it’s family one of the most common questions that I get mm-hmm because when it.

Comes down to you’re talking about like physical features it’s it’s an external portrayal it’s it’s hard it’s how other people look at you it’s.

Something that you can see and we look in the mirror.

Every single day and to be honest you know I’ll always start with telling people the first thing is starting from the inside.

Out you know I was you know some of my story I think that you’ve heard it is actually right after you know around that time when I first.

Started my gym we ended up with blood clots and I would be unable to train for about 16 months at that time I put on about 25 pounds so um you can look I mean I was shredded you know I mean I was 30 years old shredded out of my mind in better shape than when I played professionally you.

Know and then I would end up with pulmonary embolism to blood clots on my left side and I tell people you know you can look right on the outside and be a horrible person on the inside or you.

Can look great on the outside and you can you know be horribly sick inside.

And and I’m a testament to that you know to the ladder and when it comes it’s a very primal thing to want to want what you’re describing you know and people are gonna say.

That they don’t want that and I don’t know is this an X is this can you curse on the show it’s it’s.

A it’s a primal thing for you to want to you know I think for us it goes deeper to examine why do people even want that well like we said already identify that it’s an external projection and it’s how other people see you it’s how you find in the wild with animal just how they’re finding someone to mate they make themselves look bigger they make themselves look taller they.

Hair stand up you know they huff and a puff and it’s the first picking Rory is to find a qualified me right so to attract the opposite sex and I try to tell you that when you start to understand it in that sense then.

I think that you can kind of start to break it down to some attainable things to where okay is it gonna make me feel better when I get to this point and if so why right that’s the deeper side the.

Second the second part of that is like I said going into law Apple then regardless of that now that I understand what that is how do I make that happen it always goes to die at first you know people asking.

Um you know what exercise is gonna do to get a six-pack you know to get my abs and I’ll say there there are there are not the first thing that you need to do is it doesn’t matter if you do 2,000 sit-ups.

A day if you’ve got a layer of fat because you have thirty percent body fat you’re never going to.

To see that so the first thing I would say is evaluating your nutrition.

Evaluating what you eat day-in day-out evaluate how.

Evaluate on your level of exercise evaluate what your sleep habits are and then all of those thoughts to play a very small part but at the foundation of that peer made it’s going to be your nutrition mmm nice I was when as.

Soon as she said you got to do that you know people want to do the 200 sit-ups or whatever I started following a guy and I start doing his I think it’s like 21 or 22 days ab challenge and it was rough but I started like.

You know if you crunching you trying to get away to fed I’m like hey there there heart but that’s that’s a good point they are.

There no I mean hey sorry for the interruption I know you really enjoying.

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The opportunity to share your biggest challenge at the moment as a father and it gives me the opportunity to try and help you overcome this thanks and enjoy the rest of the show of course in order for you to have more pronounced abdominals and you know obliques it’s a.

Lot of different facets to it but you know you have to have the muscular development if you don’t you’ll just be a person with not a lot of fat and you won’t really have any you won’t look like you have any muscle and but like I said the foundation.

Reduce the fat that’s on my body I actually have a webinar on this but it really just takes like I mean me so people know me you know 15 or 20 minutes a day but doing like interval.

Work is the the biggest thing if you do what’s called Tabata like to seconds of work ten seconds of rest you do that for about a total of ten minutes if you can’t in 20 minutes and you.

Can get plenty of rest and the same sound or intensity is so high that you’re actually in one of those segments one of those four minute segments burn more fat than you would in 20 or 30 minutes of steady-state cardio so and then obviously clean up your nutrition with.

That exactly so we talked about.

You know when you talk about nutrition what are some of the because you mentioned like it’s always the same question the apps or the you know the muscle definition etc is one of the most questions that you get what are some of the things that you see of those people in regards to nutrition that are like to.

You really obvious but for them that are huge changes if they start implementing them yeah you know this is a cool one to dig into because I get a mix of people who are like you know haven’t really been doing.