Interview With Marcus Watts (the Watts Guy Fitness)

Five minutes or not even be able to pick them up because whatever because you can’t of course if you’re injured that that’s something else but yeah you should definitely work out and I.

Liked what you said is well earlier on saying look man anybody had saying I don’t want to.

Be fit it’s absolutely thought that I did include themselves and everybody else and I hope that people start realizing that being fit is the most the in your life that you could do it’s the biggest gift that you can can give yourself it’s actually kind of easy especially if you have.

Guys like you that have such amazing programs that people can join I love the fact that you mentioned I hope people pick up on that that you maybe mentioned like look maybe even though this is a program specifically made for fathers maybe this program is not for you for whatever reason and then I make sure that we have a program that fits with you and not just a generalized program all your dad this is what you need I know you want to lose weight this is.

What you need not like that I love that and that’s so important so hope people pick up on that we will make sure because a lot of people watch this live interview as well.

Not life so the link will be underneath the video and you can check it out and you can get.

In contact with markers what are the ways.

Markers do to finish off this life interview at the moment for father’s out there to get in contact with you have any questions from what I’ve heard so far from you because man I can say you’ve dropped amazing golden nuggets and I’m really grateful for that however maybe they have some different.

Questions that I wasn’t able to ask at.

The moment and how can you get in contact yeah for sure so I’m on Instagram at the Watts guide.

On the same way it sounds the Watts guy and then on facebook my facebook pages of the Watts guy fitness on Twitter that’s what you not too many people.

Know their own Twitter but on Twitter it’s the same thing at the Watts guy and like I said there’s a link that you got I just put it I just sent it to you but that link they can pretty much fill out an inquiry form that basically tells.

Me what it is that they’re trying to accomplish and then at that point we can kind of set up a conversation and just kind.

There I mean maybe you know I’ll for free calls so it might just be just giving you some tips on your nutrition and going forward from there I also have a free download for a nutrition and a free download for a workout guide so I’m gonna show that you have those ones too and just anybody can get those and give you some some free stuff to kind of lead you along the way.

Nice well I really appreciate that so maybe went a little.

Bit over an hour I apologize for that that’s okay.

I appreciate that I’m getting.

Hungry it’s late go get some micronutrients yes later they’re for you yeah absolutely it’s eight o’clock so it’s time for me.

To get some dinner but I really appreciate this I actually have more questions I could go on probably another half an hour we’re talking to you and.

Trying to draw some more gold nuggets you can we can get together some fa Q’s or something and we can just split fire some questions you know name changes we can we can do that too no problem awesome man awesome I appreciate that we’ll remember that we definitely do in the future just like you I’m working with.

The 30-day challenge I’m trying to get out some extra content for the people so a rebase with that but as soon as you get that done man let’s get in contact and set that up I got all the links so we will share all the links underneath again and if you have any questions get in contact with Marcus I mean as you can tell.

He opens or he answers any questions freely which is absolutely amazing so again thanks I wish everybody a very nice fantastic inspiring day evening morning wherever you at enjoy it and you’re still meeting up with your friends now take your father it’s making you stress.

Out you got no time for yourself to work out breathe relax you still remember the time you were.

Hanging out with your friends feeling energetic happy and confident spending time together and talking about your life you crazy dreams you’re feeling alone now don’t you know what to share your challenges with and you’re just running around from one store into the next well it’s time to change this now join me and the brotherhood of fearless fathers to speak on a weekly basis with.

Like-minded dads to crush your challenges face your fears with determination we held accountable and we gave control of.

Your life if you want to become the hill or your family needs to be then go to become a fearless father cop that’s Brotherhood looking forward to seeing you from one of our next goals.