Interview With Marcus Watts (the Watts Guy Fitness)

In his mid-20s so my brother you know from that so he had a lot of setbacks so now.

You stronger than he’s ever been he weighs more than he ever been he looks better than he ever has and it brings him back to this this conversation that we had the other day was exactly what you what you said and he said you.

Know it’s crazy how good I feel in vil about myself about how strong.

I am and I don’t care what you say it’s a good feeling and you just reach for something like a big gallon jug your.

Girlfriend your wife asked you to go pick something up or there’s something that needs.

To be moved and it would normally take two people and you just pick it.

Up everybody likes to be strong you know when it comes into playing a lot of different different facets of life so with the with the killer dadbod program it’s myth number one hey let’s focus on getting you eating the right things so that way we.

Can start to strip the fat away but still fuel you enough so that you can get and so that you can perform these workouts and then the workouts are all about 20 minutes depending if you want to stretch them out like 30 minutes long.

But they’re short and sweet in there straight to the point and the whole purpose is listen you don’t have all day.

To be in a gym you know I don’t like to be in the gym for very long you know I mean I kind of own jeans and you know I don’t have anywhere to be.

So I could just be any gym all day so but you know the programs really meant to you know put you in a position to where you can learn the things that it takes again so you can be sustainable and you can take them on and go with our programs aren’t major trapping so you need me for the next ten years it’s meant to give you the the tools and enable.

You with the ability to to go forward and put that stuff into action so I’ve actually got a link where people can kinda.

Reach out to me and they can inquire to get more information on the programs and then I can because you know some people might want to do the dad bod program but they might be.

Better suited for another program and that’s that’s something else also I don’t let.

Just anyone join my programs if it’s not a good fit for you then I’m gonna try to send you in the.

Direction of a program that I have that is or or maybe it’s just not working with me in general and I’ll still give you a bunch of resources and suggest some people that.

Might be a better 50s you know some some of my colleagues but um yeah I mean I don’t think that there’s.

Anything you know better than feeling strong and feeling healthy and being able to sustain that so I figured I’d put away up put together a really good way to help to help those dads out nice yeah it’s so important you mentioned picking up a bag and for me it’s picking up my kids know they’re getting heavier every year but yeah it’s so important to.

Be able to pick them up and have the more you shoulders and just be able to do sustain that for as long as and you know as they want instead of you being hurt so I can’t anymore after like.