Interview With Marcus Watts (the Watts Guy Fitness)

Welcome fathers who are looking to inspire their kids and become free Hellas this is the become a fearless father show and I’m your host class one osterhaus I’m a father of two boys husband and entrepreneur this show is created to teach you how to take control and enjoy the most difficult job you’ve ever faced fatherhood I’m going to.

Keep it real and share real life experience a heads up there is no.

Magic pill you will have to put in the our sweat and tears to achieve victory are you ready to.

Improve your health well relationships knowledge and become the hero your family needs you to be I know you are so get your pen and paper ready and let’s become fearless fathers together that was probably my god son but I do have I do have a dog so same thing you know there you go okay cool or something alright so first of all great to have you on thanks so much we immediately start hitting it off when we met each other on the 30 day.

Challenge of clickfunnels which has been amazing so far and thank you for getting the opportunity to get to pick your brain for the next upcoming about an hour or so and let’s start off with you sharing a little bit of yourself.

And sharing your story with us so we can get to know you a little bit better ya know if you know again you know thanks for having me on I’m really glad that we did kick it off and I’m excited.

To you know to share with your audience.

Anyway that I came and I really like what you’re doing so you know a little bit about myself 34 actually turned 35 in in just a couple days.

1st nice and I grew up in an army brat so I spent most of my life overseas I grew up on military bases for about 13 years overseas and I.

Would go on we would come back to the States and I got a chance to do a lot of hard work earn an opportunity to go to college on scholarship and I also play basketball in after college I went on to play professionally I played for about.

Six years all over the world Denmark New Zealand Portugal South America it was just you know a lot of fun a lot of jet-setting at that time the 20 to 24 years old and.

Somebody calls you and say can you be across the world in 18 hours it’s a pretty pretty fun life to live and but I knew the whole time that my you know since I was about 16 years old I wanted to find a way to link athletics really my long-term goal is linking athletics with academics so helping inner-city youth kind of find a connection between the things.

That can that you can learn in sports and and linking those with hard work that you need to put in you know in the classroom and I started using basketball as a tool really to grow my credentials so I could start to break into the fitness world because I felt like a lot of people you know it’s it’s it’s an elite get the change to continue to play you know go on and play.

Professionally and I really wanted to use that to my advantage but the whole time I was always thinking you know basketball wasn’t being go putting myself in a position to live the life that I wanted really was the end goal and I would go on to open.

My first gen in 2013 work with a bunch of NFL.

And OB um prospects are asking young professional players and I would actually during that time go through one of the darkest periods in my life where I would you know I was pretty much poor you know my business is growing but now I was you know some days you know three four days without eating or you.

Little you know I would lose my leaves my vehicle and you know kind of not have a car for a few years and during the whole time it was just about working to create again I called it my my perfect day you know I’m trying to build out the.

Opportunity to live you know each day the way that I you bet I want to and I would end up losing that gym and me my business probably lost about 70 grand through our business partner did some you know a lot of things happen in business you know I don’t need to go into those things but we were kind of on the losing end of that and.

I would open up another wall I would actually partner with another gym and you know learn even more from that and now I’m just on this constant journey to I can continue to live life on my terms and it’s expect as many people as I can in the process nice that sounds amazing I like that.

Living life on my terms yeah that’s that’s the goal right at least that’s the way I look at it as well it’s that’s what fearless father represents living like when your.

Terms of being able to do whatever you want with your time and making a huge impact in this world I guess that’s why we connected so well right from the beginning because we have similar visions and ambitions in life so that’s amazing thanks for sharing that man I really appreciate that I know how hard it is to talk about struggle and losing something as precious as Jim where you put your hopes and dreams in and all your sweat and tears and and maybe use some blood.

Actually had a similar story so that’s why I.

I can relate and I appreciate you.

Sharing that so first of all I never do this but since we got such a good connection and I actually got to be selfish and starting off with my first question and I apologize to everybody that’s watching this however you probably might have a.

Similar situation so the thing is the following I when I went to college and even before that you know I used to have a nice six-pack was one of the things that was proud of my body used to love walking around with no shirt on of course everywhere I went and then you know I quit college or finished college.

I should say and went to school or went to went through my first job and you know how it goes from there you go downhill with your help with your working out and all that.

Stuff then I got married they even went worse then I got two kids and when even worse so definitely no more six-pack yeah you know I must say and I was happy and maybe you relate to.

This as well I actually heard a guy that I met in one of the summer camps updated America say you know hey I’m proud as well I don’t have a six-pack but I have six gang right I didn’t get that bad but I said I then the worse it got the more started thinking about that guy and I’m like I do not want to be.

That guy so I decided you know I gotta take things back into my own hands and I gotta get back in shape so I started working out and.