Dollar Tree Haul Gift Ideas

Painted it blue because I thought this color would match perfectly with what I’m gonna put inside I did add my fluff and then I put my ammo pay file Dollar Tree randomly stocks up.

On ammo peggotty’s and this foot file they carry all the I’m it’s supposed to.

Be an imitation ped egg and works just as well this week Dollar Tree had ammo pay gel.

Inserts and I think this is such a good buy and they always have kiss gel polishes so I went ahead and picked some pretty neutral colors and added them to.

My basket and I think this is the cutest basket and the cheapest and easiest to.

This is what it looks like all tied up and it’s great for a co-worker for my last one I’m going to use my sequins makeup bag from Dollar Tree I love this I think it’s so pretty and I’ve mentioned making this a gift I’m gonna insert one of my little foam board pieces to prop up all of my makeup Dollar Tree has been carrying these.

Korean face masks so I placed one in there and made sure to tape it down on to the foam piece and then I also added the LA Colors smokey and nude from Dollar Tree as well as their liquid lipsticks this is a perfect kit for somebody who’s just getting into makeup or somebody who you know uses la colors frequently I also added this adorable little compact.

Prop this up it looks like something you purchased in a store this is so.

Cute and so affordable and it’s one of my favorites I really hope that you enjoyed those gift basket ideas let me know in the comment section below which one you’ll be recreating or what items you would add to yours again don’t forget to check that description box so you can check out shop tagger I’ll leave the link there and again thank you.

So so much for watching out of all the videos on the internet you are sitting here and watching mine and I am so so grateful thank you so so much and until next time.