Dollar Tree Haul Gift Ideas

I think this is so cute and so thoughtful for anybody who likes to sew or craft it’s just perfect if you know somebody who is a.

Dog owner I think this is such a cute idea I got.

This red little Bowl and I also got this pet bandana I’m gonna use some foam to prop it up so I can make this into a little basket as well and when you’re shopping for someone else’s pets you want to make sure that you’re staying away from stuff.

Like treats or shampoos or anything like that because dogs have their own special diet go on to their social media and print out a super cute picture of their pet trust me you’ll know which one their favorite is and place it in a Dollar Tree frame Dollar Tree.

Looking dog toys and I’m actually gonna use one of them as filler which is why I didn’t fill this one up and then I’m gonna place the dog bone on top this is really inexpensive and super thoughtful and I think anybody with a.

Pup or a cat would appreciate this this next.

One can be for a boy or a girl I use this Dollar Tree.

Caddy and I filled it up with fluff.

You don’t have to do this part and then I found so much Crayola stuff at Dollar Tree so I bought this doodle pad and these construction papers and I put them up top I did grab a piece of foam to support it and with one piece of foam I used it on all of these gifts and.

Still had leftover next I found crayons colored pencils neon crayons I found all sorts of a goodies at Dollar Tree.

And I’m just going to keep piling these on I also found choc you can stop adding stuff wherever you want but I just am showing you all of the things that I purchased I found all of these cute little paints and blues mind you everything is a dollar so to put this together for Christmas or back-to-school is such a great idea I kept playing around with the placement of everything and in the end I am gonna.

Wrap this but just not for the video because everything is just gonna look super shiny and out of focus and here you have a really.

Cute unisex gift like I said you can add.

More or take some away it still looks really good bear this next gift I’m also going to be using the aluminum trays from Dollar Tree and to prop everything up I’m going to use this scarf which i think is super cute I folded it up and used mounting tape to keep it in place the mounting tape does not damage the scarf I promise you I’m also gonna add some Barbasol.

Which just reminds me of like old-school shave kits I also purchased the aftershave from Dollar Tree and this was a star of the show I thought these razors were so cool and vintage looking I actually opened.

One up and just used it for decor here Dollar Tree also had this Armand Hammer body wash.

Added but eventually I did take away because I didn’t feel like it fit I found these really cool socks at Dollar Tree and I decided to add them to this as a little bonus in the makeup section I used one of their kabuki brushes for the shave kits I think this looks really good.

And you get a little bit of everything in this gift for this next one I used the.