Dollar Tree Haul Gift Ideas

Wrap this one for you guys I used the clear wrap from Dollar Tree and I’m gonna do this at an angle so that I can get the most.

Out of my seal fan wrap I’m also gonna be using one of the fleece scarves I’m gonna cut it up into strips so that I can use these as bows for my gifts so once I bring all the seal fain to the top I’m gonna go ahead and tie a cute little.

Bow look how secure it is the bottles aren’t moving around and I personally think this is a great gift for the holidays for the next gift I’m.

Gonna be using this reversible sequins bin from Dollar Tree I think it’s super cute and useful and I’m also going to fill it with Dollar Tree decorative shred if you purchased a tank top or anything for the person that you can fill it with that instead and I am going to be filling it with these stationery accessories which I purchased at.

Dollar Tree I think they’re so cute and to help keep them up I’m gonna take a piece of foamboard which I’ve cut down to size and I’m gonna tape those into place I also found this stationery kit at Dollar Tree and you can add as much or as little as you want you don’t have to add everything the star of the show for me were these rolls gold push pins and paper clips I am gonna add tape to the back and I’m.

Just gonna tape it to the stationery kit I’m only gonna add tape and mounting tape two things that come.

In a package I wouldn’t add it to anything that could break these westcott scissors were such a bargain there at Dollar Tree of course for.

A dollar so what I did was I cut.

This one out of the pack and I’m gonna go ahead and spray paint that rose bold but I made sure to cover it first I also did the same with one of the Dollar.

Tree staplers I do regret not taping up the silver part of the stapler but either way I thought it looked really good this is the paint that I use which I’ve used for everything and look how adorable everything looks like I said I probably should have taped up the silver side I still think it looks really good I added some more accessories from Dollar Tree I kept playing around with the placement until I got it right and you can go ahead and wrap this as well with Sela fain but I didn’t want to.

Because of the camera but look how.

Good the successor II set looks for the next one I’m gonna use this planter from Dollar Tree and I’m gonna go ahead and use that same rose gold spray paint just to make it look a little different I found this and a bunch of yarn at Dollar Tree and I decided to use this as the filler and this is gonna be a craft sets.

So I also added a craft bag and I folded that in the back so I can prop up the other things I found and I got this measuring tape another pair of the Lescott scissors.

Because they’re such a good buy I added some craft bond which is amazing to find at Dollar Tree as well as liquid adhesive as you can see there’s sort of knitting and sewing theme going.

On here I also added the Dollar Tree sequence some buttons and this little sewing kit these beads were my favorite.

And like I said you can add as much or as little as you want.