Dollar Tree Haul Gift Ideas

Hey everybody thank you so so much for tuning in today’s video is a Dollar Tree gift basket idea I am going to be putting together a bunch of little gift baskets so that we can start early and start kicking butt this holiday season one thing that you don’t know about me is that I am a world-class procrastinator I.

Spend most of my time hauling things with intentions to gift them and then I wait till last-minute get frustrated go out buy something full price and my.

Anxiety is through the roof so this year we’re doing things early we’re doing things smart and one of the things that I have been using which has been helping me so so much especially now that Black Friday is right around the corner is shop tagger if you don’t know what shop tagger is shop tagger is a web app that.

Basically acts like your personal shopping assistant because they find you the best prices for everything that you want shop tagger has teamed up with me and I’m so glad.

They did because trust me they are a major major help let me show you how to use it really quick and then we’ll get right into the gift basket video so you’re gonna want to go on the.

Shop tagger website on Google Chrome and you’re gonna click on get button to get that little widget right there and shop tagger has a bunch of stores that.

They work with but that little button right there is awesome because you don’t necessarily have to be on their website to use it so let’s say for instance you really.

Really like this top or these jeans from Target now you don’t want to pay full price so what you do.

Is you hit that little shop tagger widget and it automatically lets you save it so I always click notify me of any price changes and I add it to my list and what it does is it emails me as soon as this item has gone on sale it’s amazing so.

Let me show you some of the items that I’ve saved it’s not just clothing you can do accessories makeup whatever you want and these lists are shareable so if you want to share your list with somebody who you’re hoping gets you one of these gifts you.

Totally and creating your list is simple you just click this little button right here and you can add the name of the list your description and make it private or public.

It’s totally up to you but it is.

And saves you tons of money so make sure to click that link in my description to try out shop tagger this has been a total game changer for me anyway let’s go ahead and get started with these gift basket ideas for this gift I’m going to use this metal serving tray from Dollar Tree and I.

Found the sponge in the car section of Dollar Tree I’m going to use dollar trees mounting tape just to help keep everything in place so now I’m just going to press that in so it stands up nicely and I also found this leather vinyl protectant Dollar Tree carries a small armor-all protectant and a few others which I purchased as well and I’m going to secure those in place using my mounting tape so.

It doesn’t move around when I wrap everything up I also included some air fresheners also from Dollar Tree which I taped on the back so they don’t move around and a.

Little chamois so this is how I’m going to keep it I think.