10 Brilliant But Creepy Halloween Recipes To Spook Out Your Friends

halloween recipesHalloween may not be for everyone, but it’s certainly a holiday where most people have fun and why shouldn’t you? If you’re not so keen on the idea of wearing funky costumes, how about trying something funky in the kitchen? There’s a good chance you’ll impress (or disgust) others with some of these Halloween recipes.

There are many websites to find some worthwhile recipes, including ones that will show you copycat recipes, lots of images to illustrate each step in a recipe and more here. You can also use recipe search engines like Yummly, and foodie social networks. Nowadays, you can even find excellent recipe suggestion sites on mobile platforms, such as Android, iOS, WebOS and more.

We’ve accumulated some Halloween recipes that can help expand your repertoire of culinary pieces and can decorate your table this October 31st. Check out the creepy-looking winners, sorted by level of difficulty.

Super Easy: Worms in Dirt

Got a pack of hot dogs or wieners sitting in your fridge? Cut them lengthwise and boil them till they curl. Mix them with some black beans and you’ve got yourself an easy appetizer.

halloween recipes

Easy: Brain Jello

recipes for halloween

If you get yourself a brain mold from Amazon, you have an easy shortcut for a Halloween dish. For ideas, check out this jello shot recipe on Allrecipes or this simpler one for dessert.

Easy: Bloody Eyeballs

recipes for halloween

Here’s an easy Italian-inspired recipe that’s suitable for Halloween if you cube some well-seasoned chicken, place black olives on top and bake the pieces in tomato sauce. It’s up to you to arrange the chicken cubes in as eyeball-like shape as you’d like.

Easy: Witches Brew

recipes for halloween

Here’s an easy drink that you can prepare without much effort. The spooky part is in the hand made from gelatin and molded from a disposable glove. Follow this link for the simple recipe.

Easy: Bat Wings

 halloween food ideas

Got soy sauce? Perhaps some black coloring agent as well? Toss them on some chicken wings, put them in the oven and you’ll have some bat wings in no time! The link in the title leads to Martha Stewart’s recipe that uses a few more ingredients such as oyster sauce and black bean sauce, which you might or might not have. In the latter case, you might want to look at this 3-condiment bat wing recipe on AllRecipes.

Medium: Bloody Baked Rats

 halloween food ideas

These are cute mini-meatloaves shaped in, you guessed it, rats. These little rats actually hold Cheddar cheese inside so gooey cheese will ooze out when you slice them. Ingredients include ground beef, dry bread crumbs, meatloaf seasoning mix, tomato sauce and other common pantry items. Find the recipe on Allrecipes.com.

Medium: Jell-O “Blood” Worms

 halloween food ideas

Since Jell-O is so versatile, people have got very creative. This is another example using plastic straws and raspberry- or grape-flavored gelatin. You can find a copy of the recipe here.

Medium: Spooky Eyeballs


Here’s another version of Halloween eyeballs that can even be for dessert. Anyone want to try some eyeball-shaped peanut butter cups? A commenter suggested in the recipe page to top cupcakes with these babies. They’re also pretty fun to make with others, especially if you have children.

Medium: Bloody Broken Glass Cupcakes


Sugar and water can be just as versatile as jell-o.  You can make come up with interesting textures such as caramel, glass shards, etc. Combine them with corn syrup, red food coloring, and cornstarch and you’ll have the broken glass pieces that you can place on top of your favorite cupcakes (the recipe uses white cake mix for the cupcakes).

More Time-Consuming: Witches Fingers

halloween recipes

Apparently these treats are pretty popular as there are many versions of the recipe in different websites. The fingers above on the left are made from this recipe (it’s basically a modified Christmas cookie recipe) while you can find the ones on the right on Martha Stewart. You can find additional versions here and here.

Let us know in the comments what you made this Halloween!  Have you tried out any Halloween recipes on this page?  If so, how did it work out for you?  Did you persuade anyone to eat it?

Image credit: The Idea Room