The Health Hazards Of Tablet Use [infographic]

The Health Hazards Of Tablet Use [INFOGRAPHIC] tabletI’ve never really thought about this until now, but if you use a tablet extensively, you have to watch how you’re seated when you’re using it. Just like how you sit in front of a normal computer matters to your back and neck posture, the same rules equally apply to when you’re using your iPad, Android tablet or Kindle Fire.

Saying that though, the only time I’ve ever encountered a health hazard with my iPad was when I was holding it above me while lying down, and I suddenly fell asleep. You can guess what happened next.  Yes, I dropped it on my face.  Thankfully I have the iPad in a soft protective case so the impact was minimal.

Our infographic today doesn’t involve embarrassing accidents like mine. Instead, it focuses on the correct posture you should be adopting while using a tablet. Using a cover with a stand at the back can help, as well as leaning the tablet on a table in front of you. Doing stuff like this will hopefully prevent the neck, shoulder and back pain normally associated with staring for a long time at a PC monitor or tablet screen.

Have you had any experiences with these types of pain, due to long term use of a tablet?  Or do you think the facts on the infographic below are all overblown and exaggerated?  Let us know your experiences and opinions in the comments section below.

The Health Hazards Of Tablet Use [INFOGRAPHIC] Health Hazards Of Tablet Use 8001

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