How To Setup Moborobo – Pc Suite For Android

Hello there welcome to be sippin calm my name is Arun Iyer today I’m going to show you a very interesting application called MOBA Robo it’s a PC sweet application for Android or iOS device so go to the site mobile robot comm and you can download mobile go by clicking this I have already downloaded it and I have a.

Going to download it again so just double click on the setup file to install it and ensure that this option I agree with mobile Robo License Agreement is checked now you don’t have to.

Worry about the license costing or anything because it’s a free application so you can just go click Next Next Next and boom it’s installed click finish alright so it’s just giving a tip you can just close that now it’s it says enable USB debugging now if you’re going to connect your phone through USB cable you need to enable something called USB debugging on Android so I’ll show you how to do that ok so to enable USB debugging what you need to do is go into menu and go.
To settings if you scroll down to the bottom you.

Will see something called developer options now you may not find developer options with some phones like Nexus 4 so if.

You don’t find that just going to about foam and if you scroll down to the very bottom up you’ll see something called build number just click seven times on this it says no need you are always you’re already a developer because I have already done it so just say you know you.

But if you don’t see that often called developer options just click seven times on this build number all right and you’ll get this developer options just click on that.

You will see something called USB debugging just put a checkmark it says USB debugging is intended for development purposes only use it to copy data between your computer and your device install apps on your device without notification and read log data all right so just click ok.

It’s just a warning okay so once you have done with this what you can do is just connect your USB cable so I’m just connecting my USB cable alright so now once you connect this.

USB cable you will get a message on your phone which says this.

Computers RSA key fingerprint is turning : e3 Gordon bla bla bla it and.

I think it’s a 128-bit key and it’s basically asking ok so do you want to allow this computer to access your phone so if you click OK.
You know it will allow now but.

It’ll ask for every time when you connect to your phone so what you can do is just select this option Allah always sure always allowed from this.

Computer and then click OK so from the next time it’ll not ask so once you’re done with that your phone will be detected and you can actually see the screen which is exactly getting displayed what do.

You have in your phone so you can move you can just.

You know move through different screens on your phone and it will automatically get refreshed there oops it’s not getting refreshed just when you click refresh it actually ok it’s not getting refreshed because there is an option called auto refresh.

Which you need to switch on so I’m switching down right.

Now now if I go into any menu and if I move it through screens I can see that it’s getting reflected over there now you can make.

Video tutorials with your Android phone using.

Can also bring it to full screen so you see I got it to full screen I can just move it and even if I open some applications I’ll be.

Full screen so so I’m opening Google Chrome so I have no the page that I open so I can just click on new tab so whatever I do it just gets replicated the screen basically gets replicated over there all right so that’s a cool feature with this.

So I can just exit out of this full screen the other things that I can do is I can manage contacts so I can go to data and you know I can manage the contacts here now I can also transfer music I can transfer videos from my computer to this phone so let me show you that if I go into music you can.

Just click on my music and put show all the albums that.

I have on my phone so if I want to add some songs I can just right click here I can go to music I can right click on add and I can navigate to the folder where I have some songs and I can just select multiple songs click open and it gets added the same way if I want to add.

Some you know photos to my phone from my computer I can just click on images and I can add them so and that’s all about it you can also you know transfer apps you can just manage apps through this.

And that’s about mobile Robo a complete PC Suite for Android devices I hope you enjoyed watching the video thanks for watching and please do not forget to subscribe to my channel thank you.